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Sometimes it's perfect when you find exactly what you're looking for. We offer a suitable data protection declaration which can be supplemented to your website. Copy the HTML code and paste it back into your website. That's all. It's that easy.
Please note that this is not an absolute guarantee and laws can change daily. We therefore assume no liability if different laws apply in a country.


Data protection provisions about the tool and use of software Matomo

On this website, the controller has integrated the Matomo component via The software that are used, called "Matomo" is an open-source software tool for web analysis. Web analysis is the collection, gathering and evaluation of data on the behavior of visitors from Internet sites. A web analysis tool collects, inter alia, data on the website from which a data subject came to a website (so-called referrer), which pages of the website were accessed or how often and for which period of time a sub-page was viewed. A web analysis is mainly used for the optimization of a website and the cost-benefit analysis of Internet advertising. Due use of service the customer can add shielded own statistic to website. The technical and hosting services were provided by All data are partical blackened for all and completly encrypted. The technical and project team of are unable to see or use data of members and tracking codes (called "zero-knowledge").